Deerland is a leading specialty formulator and contract manufacturer of enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplements. With a team of industry experts working in a state-of-the-art lab, Deerland is poised to serve customers from the initial stages of product conceptualization, through the design phase, final formulation and contract manufacturing service.

Customized Formulations

We understand that your product line is designed for a variety of people of different ages, cultures, eating habits and dietary restrictions. We’re committed to helping you achieve a formulation that fits the exact performance benefits your customers are seeking.

Branded Ingredients

Our Ph.D. led research and development team is on the cutting edge of the advancements in the science of the microbiome, delivering innovative probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme-based ingredients for a wide range of on-trend health applications.  These ingredients can be used as-is or as a part of a custom dietary supplement formulation.

YourBrand Probiotic Turnkey Solutions

YourBrand probiotic solutions are formulated with specific, clinically researched probiotic strains, in the right amounts, for specific health benefits. These ready-to-market products target applications for digestive, immune, oral and women’s health and have a 24-month shelf life.

Articles & Resources

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