Deerland offers a line of unique, clinically validated branded ingredients, customized formulation solutions and full turnkey products for private label dietary supplements.


Deerland’s clinically supported branded enzyme and probiotic ingredients deliver digestive, immune and systemic health benefits in sports nutrition products.


To support digestive health in companion animals, Deerland provides probiotic and enzyme solutions for pet foods, treats and supplements.

Food &

Deerland’s exclusive, clinically supported probiotic spore delivers digestive and immune health benefits that bring function to foods and beverages.

Articles & Resources

Digestible Podcast: The Future Of Microbiome Product Development

The market of products containing probiotic and prebiotic supplements is unlike any time in history. No longer confined to a pill or yogurt, there is… Read More

Probiotics & Prebiotics: Important Weapons in the Immunity Battle

Tap Into Consumer Desires Through Real Probiotic Benefits

Condition-Specific Probiotics for Sleep, Mood and the Immune System

Probiotics are known as “good” or “beneficial” bacteria. Probiotic supplements and foods rich in them can deliver many benefits for the human body. Dozens of different… Read More

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