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Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics: Defined by Science and Innovation

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Everything we do at Deerland starts with an enzyme or probiotic backbone. We are the experts in probiotics and enzymes, the leaders in the industry. By placing science at the forefront of everything we do, we will continue to blaze the trail into creating science-supported supplements for gut health. Recent research on the microbiome has shown its influence extends far beyond the gut, playing a crucial role in both our digestive and immune systems. At Deerland, we are driven to uncover more in this exciting area of research in the pursuit of overall wellness for the end users of our cutting-edge products.

Everything starts with science. We’re looking to create innovative formulations as trusted advisors to our customers. All of our products go into a person’s body, often a child’s, so we take what we do very seriously. Innovation sets us apart, and we have the ability to perform clinical testing and time-intensive studies. Though this approach comes at a high cost, at Deerland we prioritize research and development. The way we do things adds a lot of value to our customers, and we are proud of that. If we can make someone’s quality of life better, we’ve done our jobs.

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