What can food teach supplements?

Natural products industry veteran and Fresh Ideas Group Founder Sylvia Tawse explains what the organic food movement did right.

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Goal for IPA to become more agile, vocal in promoting probiotics, new director says

After a months-long interregnum, George Paraskevakos, the new executive director of the International Probiotics Association, formally takes up the reins pledging that the organization will become more agile and vocal in defending and promoting the ingredients.

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Non GMO Working Group to formalize structure, collect dues to boost capabilities and influence

In the face of repeated requests for information and services, a working group of dietary supplement companies that includes FoodState Inc. is the process of formalizing its membership structure to transform into a dues-paying organization.

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Gut Health: On the Front Lines of Wellness

Better understanding of gut microbes and their role in health will lead to more science-driven product development.

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Enzymes present special case in affirming non GMO status of ingredients

When trying to source non GMO dietary ingredients for supplements, the inclusion of enzymes presents a special case. There is confusion about the penetration of genetic modification technology into the sector, a confusion that is abetted by the tightly-held trade secrets among the suppliers of these ingredients.

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Supplement industry needs to move out of the crosshairs

When the supplement industry becomes a target, the solution isn’t to try making somebody else a target, but rather to decide where that target should be.

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Why Third-Party GMP Certification Should Not Be Optional for Dietary Supplement Firms

Quality took on a whole new meaning for me when I joined Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes as CEO in 2008. During my first tour of our manufacturing facility, I noticed that one of the enzyme products we produced was in fact the exact product that a naturopath had suggested for one of my sons. This personalized and drove home to me the seriousness of the responsibility that we as industry members have to ensure that the products we manufacture are absolutely safe for consumption.

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CRN and ETA Publish Best Practices Guide for Enzyme Dietary Supplement Products

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, and the Enzyme Technical Association (ETA), the trade association that represents manufacturers and marketers of enzyme products in North America, today announced the release of their voluntary guidelines for enzyme-containing dietary supplements: the “Enzyme Dietary Supplement Products Best Practices Guide.”

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