Deerland Announces Family First™ Platform, Kicks Off With Virtual Summit Event

With all its uncertainty and adversity, 2020 has also ushered in a renewed sense of “togetherness” as citizens of the world rediscover the importance of family and the health and wellness of every member of the household.

To support this heightened focus on the family, Deerland is launching the “Family First” platform, a series of content that will help product marketers connect consumers with the science-supported health product solutions they seek.

First up is an industry-wide virtual summit focusing on children’s microbiome and whole-family immune health.

Titled “Family First: Addressing consumer demand for whole-family health solutions starts with the microbiome,” this event will provide a platform for Deerland, Informa Health & Nutrition and leading industry experts to dig into the latest science, insights and research influencing how the supplement industry develops innovative, research-backed solutions for today’s consumers.

When: August 19, Noon to 3 p.m. EDT

  • Keynote: Dr. Robynne Chutkan, “Breakthroughs in whole-body, whole-family health”
  • Eric Pierce, Vice President Business Insights, Informa Health & Nutrition: Probiotic Market Analysis
  • Dr. John Deaton, Vice President Science and Technology, Deerland: “Scientific breakthroughs in probiotics”

Audience polling, breakout discussions and networking opportunities will also help elevate this tremendous virtual opportunity.

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Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Positioned to Collaborate with Customers Worldwide

Customers Now Have Full Access to an Expanded Portfolio of Science-Backed Probiotic, Prebiotic and Enzyme Technologies

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes (“Deerland”), a global supplier of science-backed solutions for microbiome health, announced today that it has completed the integration of Denmark-based Bifodan A/S which was acquired in 2019. The two companies now operate as one global entity under the Deerland brand.

With this development, customers of Deerland and the former Bifodan now enjoy full access to an expanded portfolio of science-backed probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme technologies through branded ingredients, customized formulations, and ready-to-market turnkey solutions in more than 40 countries around the world.

“We are excited to unleash the power of two organizations, now operating as one elite global solutions provider,” said Scott Ravech, CEO of Deerland. “Together, we are one step closer to achieving our vision of all people of all cultures benefiting from our enzyme, probiotic and prebiotic health products and science-backed technologies.”

Deerland’s acquisition of Bifodan effectively enlarged its global footprint making the company’s value proposition stronger than ever. In the months following the acquisition, the companies worked together to integrate the two organizations to better serve their existing and new customers. Sales and marketing teams addressed how the combined company would collaborate with customers to develop innovative and proprietary solutions. The global research and development teams ensured each product offering would be supported with sound clinical science, and manufacturing teams optimized production in the company’s four state-of-the-art TGA and cGMP certified facilities around the globe.

COVID-19 Update: Deerland Classified as an Essential Business

Deerland is a USA-based business with manufacturing facilities in Kennesaw, Georgia and Forsyth, Missouri. The governors of Georgia and Missouri have yet to announce official stay-at-home orders for their entire states. However, many local city and county leaders are taking actions to implement stay-at-home orders, which include the shut-down or limited hours of all nonessential businesses. Under these types of orders, Deerland is considered an essential business and will remain open in all locations.
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Latest Updates Regarding COVID-19

As the situation with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to evolve, I want to give you an update on the measures being taken at Deerland to prioritize the health and safety of our employees as well as mitigate the risk of disruption to our business and yours.

As always, our employees are expected to adhere to the safety and standard operating procedures we have in place across our facilities. In our manufacturing areas, this includes our standard practice of donning personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes (by production function) the use of full body Tyvek suits, respirators, facial masks, gloves, gowns, and safety glasses. Great care is always taken by employees to ensure full compliance with all our hygiene and safety protocols.

Precautions are now being taken to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our workplace and to ensure the continued safe manufacture of products, including:


  • Reinforcing hygiene guidelines outlined by the world health experts, including the CDC, urging employees to limit close interaction with others when in public places
  • Additional hand sanitization stations and increased frequency of surface wipe-downs with sanitizing solutions throughout our facilities and in all meeting areas
  • Strict adherence to our policy of staying home if ill and to immediately seeking medical care as necessary
  • Requirement for employees to notify leadership of the commencement and return of private travel
  • Implementing additional cross-training initiatives to address any workforce impact thereby minimizing business disruption


  • Implementing a forward purchasing plan to pre-buy all applicable raw materials and applicable PPE; suppliers are also expected to also have adequate safety stock levels in their warehouses
  • Suppliers have been asked to immediately provide their business disruption avoidance plans to ensure continuity of supply. Additionally, they are expected to provide timely updates as they become available.

Please trust we are taking the threat of the novel coronavirus very seriously and will continue to do everything we can to minimize any supply disruption.

As always, we appreciate our business relationship with you and will continue to provide any applicable updates as warranted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Deerland Business Development Manager or Customer Service Representative.

-Scott Ravech, CEO

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Achieves Certification from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Globally Recognized Quality Certification Puts Deerland in Elite Class of Manufacturers

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, supplier of science-backed solutions for microbiome health, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its list of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications with the addition of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Certification at its Kennesaw, Georgia facilities. TGA certification represents that Deerland has demonstrated GMP management practices and systems in compliance with the manufacturing standards established by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. With this most recent certification in Kennesaw and the existing certification renewal at the company’s Forsyth, MO facility, all of Deerland’s facilities have earned the elite status. In addition, the Denmark-based facility of Bifodan A/S, recently acquired by Deerland, has a mutual recognition agreement with Australia enabling it to produce TGA-certified products as well.

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Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Announces Acquisition of Bifodan A/S

Acquisition Gives Deerland a Larger Global Footprint

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, a US-based supplier of science-backed solutions for microbiome health, announced today its acquisition of Bifodan A/S. Bifodan, based in Hundested, Denmark, is a life science company specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing unique probiotic product solutions as private label dietary supplements, medical devices and OTC drugs.

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Deerland Earns Non-GMO Project Verification for Solarplast® Antioxidant Ingredient

Deerland is pleased to announce that it has earned Non-GMO Project verification for Solarplast®, the company’s branded enzyme-powered antioxidant ingredient for healthy aging and beauty from within.

Solarplast is the most recent of Deerland’s portfolio of branded products to earn the verification. “Consumer demand for non-GMO supplements is on the rise, and Deerland is responding in order to provide added value for our customers,” said Sam Michini, vice president of marketing and strategy at Deerland. “We’re pleased to work with the Non-GMO Project, the leading verifier of non-GMO products in the United States.”

Solarplast provides a host of benefits for healthy aging, optimizing the body’s processes through cellular restoration and repair. An innovative and totally unique process breaks down the cell wall of organic spinach – something the body struggles to do– while still preserving the integrity of the plant’s protoplast, the most nutrient dense compartment. “Solarplast provides massive natural concentrations of detoxifying antioxidants that slow the natural process of cell damage that comes from free radicals–and this antioxidant power is exponentially greater due to the presence of enzymes that facilitate the glutathione pathway of antioxidant regeneration,” explains Dr. John Deaton, vice president of science and technology.

Solarplast is an ideal ingredient technology for products geared toward healthy aging and beauty from within. The organic green powder can be delivered through traditional supplement capsules, powder blends such as protein or smoothie mixes, as well as finished food and beverage products.

Attendees of SupplySide West in October are invited to visit the Deerland booth #4524 to learn more about Solarplast and the science behind it. Deerland’s experts will be on hand to discuss product formulation ideas.

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, based in Kennesaw, Ga., specializes in developing science-backed solutions that benefit microbiome health, using probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme technology. The company offers a line of unique, clinically supported branded products, including DE111®, PreforPro®, ProHydrolase®, Solarplast® and Glutalytic®. Deerland collaborates with customers to develop innovative and often proprietary solutions in the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets. In addition to branded ingredients and customized formulations, Deerland offers full turn key manufacturing services, including bulk blends, capsules, stick packs and tablets; as well as bottling and labeling. To contact Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, call 800.697.8179 or visit

Deerland Receives GRAS No-Objection Letter from FDA for Probiotic DE111®

Deerland is proud to announce that the FDA has issued a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) No Objection Letter for its branded probiotic strain, Bacillus subtilis DE111®. A “Letter of No Objection” refers to the letter sent by the FDA confirming that they do not question the basis for the GRAS self-affirmation notification established and submitted by Deerland.

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New Study: Prebiotic PreforPro® Shown to Positively Impact Gut Microbiota

Deerland has announced the publication of a clinical study demonstrating efficacy of the bacteriophage (phage) cocktail PreforPro® in favorably supporting the gut microbiota and systemic markers. PreforPro is patented for use as a prebiotic.

The study, “PHAGE Study: Effects of Supplemental Bacteriophage Intake on Inflammation and Gut Microbiota in Healthy Adults” published in Nutrients, is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover intervention trial involving 43 participants aged 18 to 65.

According to the researchers, the goal was to determine how daily consumption of supplemental phages (PreforPro®), influences the gut microbiota of healthy adults with self-reported gastrointestinal distress. In addition, the team sought to determine effects of phage ingestion on microbial production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) as well as if phages alter both lipid metabolism and markers of local and systemic inflammation.

The team found that 28-days of PreforPro consumption favorably modified several bacterial species, including increased populations of the genera Eubacterium, one of the most abundant genera in the healthy human gut. Additionally, the researchers saw a reduction in the circulating pro-inflammatory cytokine Il-4, which is correlated with autoimmune and allergic responses. According to the authors of the study, these data highlight the potential of bacteriophages for selective modification of targeted microbial species without inducing dysbiosis.

In conclusion, according to the authors, “bacteriophage consumption caused minimal disruption to the gut microbiota but did elicit minor changes which may be viewed as beneficial overall…and increases in fermentative taxa capable of butyrate production suggest a shift towards a healthier gut environment.”

This human clinical study on PreforPro further validates observations in prior in vitro and mouse studies, which showed enhanced growth of a broad spectrum of probiotic species including B. breve, L. acidophilus, L. paracasei, L. casei, L. rhamnosus, Lc. Lactis and B. subtilis. Further, these effects were seen after only five hours after PreforPro administration.

“Ingesting probiotics are only half the healthy gut microbiome equation; effective prebiotics are the other half that encourage resident beneficial bacteria to populate,” says John Deaton, vice president of science & technology for Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes. PreforPro is unique in that it is a bacteriophage that is patented for use as a prebiotic, and it’s attractive for consumers who are concerned about starch consumption and having to take large doses – as PreforPro is a non-starch/fiber compound that exerts its prebiotic abilities in a small,15mg dose.”

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, based in Kennesaw, Ga., specializes in customized enzyme and probiotic-based formulations, collaborating with customers to develop innovative and often proprietary solutions. In addition to customized formulations, the company offers a line of clinically studied branded products, including the probiotic strain DE111® and novel prebiotic PreforPro®. Deerland provides regulatory support and also performs specialty contract manufacturing services, including bulk blends, liquids, hard shell capsules, and tablets; as well as bottling and labeling. To contact Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, call 800.697.8179 or visit

Probiotic Strain DE111® Found to Reduce Pro-Inflammatory Compound in Athletes in Clinical Study

A new study has found that athletes who consumed a probiotic daily may benefit by boosting immunity and recovery following strenuous training or play by reducing levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF- α), a pro-inflammatory compound. The study, called Effects of Probiotic (Bacillus subtilis DE111) Supplementation on Immune Function, Hormonal Status, and Physical Performance in Division I Baseball Players was recently published in the journal Sports.

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Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Offers Plenty to Digest at SupplySide West 2018

SupplySide West is coming to the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas November 6-10, 2018, and Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes is excited to be participating.  Deerland will have two booths at the Expo Hall— Booth # 4937 as well as the former National Enzyme Company location (Booth # 5543). In addition, Deerland will offer a special presentation by John Deaton, Ph.D., vice president of science and technology, on the topic of the Role of Probiotics in Sports Nutrition.

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Deerland Announces Updated Company Name and Logo

KENNESAW, GA (September 27, 2018) – Deerland Enzymes, Inc. (Deerland), a global leader in probiotics and enzymes, announced today it will now operate as Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes. The name change was made to reflect the company’s broader probiotic and enzyme expertise and commitment to innovation.

“In light of our rapid growth in the probiotic space and the recent acquisition of National Enzyme Company, we feel that now is the time to freshen up our logo and make our company name more direct, concise and reflective of our commitment to both probiotic and enzyme-based formulations & science,” said Scott Ravech, CEO.

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