Food Applications Specialist

Nature & Scope
The food applications specialist will be responsible for all inquiries and actions pertaining to food applications. They will work with sales, marketing and customers to test branded products added to designated foods. They will make the samples, set them up for stability, do testing such as taste, smell, texture, etc. and create a professional package for the customer to review samples. They are responsible for extracting/testing actives in the food matrix. They will also be responsible for the scientific content of marketing materials for food applications. They will mix, cook and create samples for the customer to consume. Candidates must be familiar with food processing/manufacturing process in order to create samples and help customers produce the final product, as well as create methods for testing the actives in the food for label and regulatory purposes.

Major Accountabilities

  • Must be able to cook
  • Mix ingredients (combine branded products with food)
  • Understand manufacturing processes for each application (may require visiting food facilities)
  • Test branded products in the lab for the following: Efficacy, Taste, Texture, Solubility, Smell,Etc.
  • Help with creating sales tools addressing various application issues for different food and beverage categories
  • Test and report on various specific application issues including but not limited to: Temperature, PH, Taste, Color, Processing methods (extrusion, pasteurization, cold press, etc)
  • Food method creation and validation for active ingredients using AOAC, USP, ISO and/or equivalent standards for all laboartory testing
  • Generate scientific data for food & beverage-specific content for marketing
  • Evaluate food trends and actively search for ways to implement our branded technology into foods
  • Research and identify food prospects
  • Online research for food industry publications
  • Provide metrics for Business Team Meetings
  • Use a range of software, techniques and equipment to carry out food research and analysis
  • Analyze and interpret data and hen report/present data
  • Make sure that data is accurately recorded in accordance to guidelines
  • Ensure that food health and safety issues are adhered to
  • Liasion with customers, suppliers and research/scientific staff
  • Improve and expand company’s knowledge of new food ingredients/technologies for new and existing markets as applicable
  • Collaborate with industry professional to expand new food application development opportunities
  • Provide leadership, motivation, and performance based culture within the science team
  • Food recipe/blend creation and ability to troubleshoot issues
  • Investigate, create, validate, and develop new methods, protocols, and technologies for food applications
  • Record, interpret, and present food application results to senior colleagues, customers, and vendors
  • Contribute ideas and concepts to initiate or advance food projects
  • Initiate and ensure compliance with applicable safety procedures
  • Develop, as warranted, food prototypes for range of products based on company’s food technology
  • Maintain familiarity with current scientific literature and contributes to the process of a food project
  • Preparation of food samples for laboratory analysis
  • Food certification application
  • All other assigned duties
  • Local travel (between sites): 50-75%
  • Out of state travel: Occasional (~20%)


  • Minimum – Bachelor’s Degree in food science/biochemistry with at least 3 years of food application experience.
  • Preferred – Master’s Degree in food science/biochemistry
  • Previous laboratory skills
  • Basic laboratory skills (e.g. pipetting, weighing, dilutions, etc.)
  • Cooking skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Quality control and knowledge of cGMP preferred
  • Method development and validation experience preferred
  • Experience with the following is preferred: IR, PCR, Real-Time PCR, Microbial plating, extraction techniques
  • Strong attention to detail in order to produce accurate, precise, and reproducible data
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills – ability to make presentations and/or give presentations
  • Task oriented and results driven
  • Strong work ethic and prioritizational skills
  • Work collaboratively with various departments to compile, analyze, and interpret data
  • Must posess a valid U.S. driver’s license

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